Flash Games

Flash games - Old game genre but still not lacking in fun

As time goes by, there will be a point where the category of games or games is something that can be played with certain rules that aim to entertain the players. At first the existing categories were manual, but with the development of the times and advances in game technology also developed towards digital games. In addition, in addition to aiming to entertain the players, today's game categories have also begun to be designed with the aim of teaching children. The flash games category has been found in HTML5 Games (IziGames.Net) which has a wide variety of interesting flash games. One example of a game category that you can play is Hangaroo. This is a flash game category game that you often know or even play. This game is a game where you have to guess a phrase by choosing the correct letter. In addition, brain-boosting games like Missionary vs Cannibal have attracted a lot of people's attention to being able to solve puzzles by crossing the characters in the game. The game is not too complex but also relies on your logic.